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At Carpet One Floor & Home we’re your local source for fine carpeting and related products. Our specialists can always help you narrow down your selections in one of our two showrooms, based on your lifestyle and needs. For many reasons, carpeting is a favorite for northeastern Florida home and business owners, and whichever route you choose, we’ve certainly got you covered. 

Are you ready to start shopping for carpeting? It’s important to realize there’s much more to soft-surface flooring than immediately meets the eye.  Carpet One Floor & Home’s signature Select-A-Floor system can help you narrow it all down according to your warranty preferences and other specifications.  However, it certainly never hurts to gain a good understanding of carpet fibers, and the subtle and not-so-subtle distinctions between the different fiber types. 

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Carpet Fiber Types

Nylon is soft and strong. Often treated with a stain-resistant coating, nylon fibers can also hold their own against sun fading. For these reasons, nylon is extremely popular among all types of property owners. 

Polyester feels similar to nylon, but is much less pricey.  Thanks to modern innovations, however, polyester fibers are no longer considered inferior since they are typically treated to resist fading, stains, and damages. 

Triexta is one of the most stain-resistant carpets around. This synthetic fiber is also incredibly durable, making it a favorite for commercial carpeting. 

Olefin/polypropylene is a synthetic fiber that’s usually used to weave incredible patterns that are always on trend. Olefin rugs are beautiful to look at, but aren’t intended for heavy foot traffic. Reserve these beauties for your living room. 

Wool is natural fiber that’s fully renewable, and extremely sustainable. Obtained from sheered sheep, wool fibers naturally resist moisture and allergens. Wool carpets actually act as a natural filter inside your home, since they filter tiny particles out of the air. 


Expert Advice - Basics of Carpet Fibers

Join our very own Jim Aaron, VP of Merchandising for Carpet One Floor & Home, for some inside information on the different types of carpet fibers.


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