Tigressá Carpets in Florida

When thinking about carpets, homeowners have one concern: maintenance. The good news is that with the evolution of technology, better and stronger products are available in the market that offers the opportunity to enjoy a worry-free living. One of this brands is Tigressá. Tigressá is a Carpet One exclusive brand with a variety of products designed with even the most hectic lifestyle in mind. This line of residential carpets features three products with enhanced protection against liquids that will give you the tranquility that your floor is protected from active children, spills, and pet accidents. Which of the Tigressá products is the best one for your home? Before you make your final decision, we invite you to take a deeper look at each product and their benefits. 

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Meet the Tigressá family

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    Tigressá Cherish: This is the SUPER SOFT extension of the brand.

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    Tigressá H2O: spills are no longer a problem with this option.

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    Tigressá SoftStyle: a premier, all nylon soft carpet with a unique softness.

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